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15 Oct 2012

FirePOWER NGFW Sets New Standard in NSS Labs Test

posted by Jason Brvenik

Recently NSS Labs evaluated the Sourcefire FirePOWER 8250 Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). As you have hopefully come to expect of us, we have set a new standard. In the report, you will see that when compared to other products the FirePOWER 8250 NGFW:

- The highest threat protection of any NGFW 
- Evasion free
- The only NGFW rated and tested to perform at 10 Gbps
- Has the lowest TCO of any product in our class
- Supports the most concurrent sessions of any product in our class

We focus every day on improving coverage, decreasing customer exposure, and enabling companies to protect their networks. We are proud of these results, believe they demonstrate our continued commitment to being the best, and that our approach of bringing to market a NGFW based on our Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) is the right approach. Our NGFW gives companies a much more viable option to protect your networks and customize protection to match your infrastructure, applications, risks, and abilities.

We go even further in creating the best management capabilities available and deliver the combination through our purpose-built hardware designed for enterprise networks. We believe the combination of our software and FirePOWER universal platform provide the best overall flexibility, coverage, value, and reliability there is. Whether you are in need of a NGIPS or NGFW you can be assured we are committed to being the best there is.

Access the report here.


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