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26 Jul 2012

Bigger, Stronger, Faster: Sourcefire Tops for Effectiveness, Value in NSS Labs SVM

posted by Jason Brvenik

Back in April I wrote about our participation in independent Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) testing performed by NSS Labs in a post entitled "Sourcefire FirePOWER - Bigger, Stronger, Faster". Then in May, I wrote a brief post contrasting our security effectiveness against the industry average for the last four years in this post.

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This week at Black Hat, NSS Labs introduced its first Security Value Map for IPS (SVM), which maps vendors according to total cost of ownership (TCO) and security effectiveness. I think NSS Labs has found an effective visual to represent the market in its SVM, which they have based on the individual and comparative testing of vendors in the IPS space. If you have been following along, this placement will not be a surprise. But if you are new to this information, you may want to follow along to learn what it takes for a vendor to earn such a placement.

Since the inception of Sourcefire, our focus has been on providing great security at an affordable price. We focus every day on improving coverage, decreasing customer exposure, and enabling you to protect your network. We provide powerful systems enabling you to protect your networks and customize protection to match your infrastructure, applications, etc. We go further in creating the best management capabilities available and deliver the combination through our purpose-built hardware designed for enterprise networks. We believe the combination of our software and FirePOWER platform provide the best overall flexibility, coverage, value, and reliability there is.

We are proud to have our products lead the SVM and we'll continue to commit to maintaining our leadership by continuing to provide our customers the best protection possible while leading our class in TCO. If you have not seen them already you can get a copy of the reports for the 8260, 8250 and 8120.


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